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In 2010 Coastal Trellis in conjunction with a major aluminium supplier, made the change from steel to aluminium which afforded us the opportunity to make changes/improvements to the products, some of which are:

High Strength structural grade aluminium alloy.
The extrusion process allowed Coastal Trellis to design the gate for smoother and quieter slide movement and improved strength.
The rollers are manufactured from a high quality grade plastic designed to improve durability and reduce noise levels.
A plastic handle was also incorporated to enhance the aesthetics of the finished product.

The standard colours available are Bronze, White, Charcoal, New Silver and Sand, but other colours are available on request.

20x20x2mmAluminium uprights.
16x3mm Aluminium flites(x bracing).
15.5mm Solid aluminium drop bolts.
Aluminium top track.
Aluminium bottom track.
Aluminium lock stile.
Unique aluminium lock keep.
Slam lock or dead lock.
Unique handle.
Secured on all four sides.
Custom made to suit your requirements.

Doggy Bars Also Available
Additional vertical bars(12x12) are added to the standard
sliding gate or window slider, reducing the "gap"
between 20x20 verticals

20x20x2mm Aluminium tube.
16x3mm Aluminium flites.
22x20x2mm Aluminium clip channel and lip clip.
Secured on all four sides.
Matches our retractable door.
Custom made to suit your requirements.

Econo Bar
25x25x2mm Aluminium vertical tube (secured into wall).
15.88x1.5mm Aluminium tube with 10mm steel spine.
Uncluttered look ,yet incredibly strong.
Custom made to suit your requirements.

Coastal Trellis have developed an aerosol touch up spray in 300ml cans which conform to the following colours: Bronze powder code ANP 9085
New silver powder code ANP 9087
White powder code ANP 1052
Black powder code VX 8218
Charcoal matt powder code ANP 3055
The spray is compatible with aluminium of the above colours and is currently being used by a number of aluminium manufacturers in the KZN area as a touch up for those unwanted scratches.