Coastal Trellis Products

Coastal Trellis specialise in the manufacture of trellis gates, window sliders, window fixtures, econo bars and polycarbonate (see through ) bars.

Aluminium Trellis Gates

Our Gates have the following features and are custom made to suit your requirements.

secured on all four sides

Double lock (slam AND dead)

Anti -tamper lock keep

Floating drop bolt system

Self-lubricating nylon rollers

Custom built to suit your requirements

Aluminium Window Security

Secured on all four sides and matches our retractable door. Custom made to suit your requirements.

Window sliders enjoy the same features as the trellis gates

Econo Security Burglar Bars

Uncluttered look, yet incredibly strong. Custom made to suit your requirements.

Econo bars are aluminium horizontal bars.

secured into 25mm tube which is bolted to the wall

also available in powder coated stainless steel

Polycarbonate bars

Coastal trellis also install the “clear” polycarbonate as a low-risk barrier,  often installed to “monkey proof ” windows  or to child proof windows in multi-story buildings.

Low-risk barrier

Child proof and monkey proof

multi-story buildings

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